Reasons Dom Loves SLO No. 2

This is the second week of our Reasons to live in SLO series and it’s a food theme this week. Today I was thinking about all of the reasons of why I love to live in SLO and decided to go home and grab lunch on the way there. I figured it made sense because I was taking a couple of pieces of lumber back to my workshop to finish them and paint them before installing them in our office to finish up our recent remodel that was never completely finished but I digress. I decided that I would grab lunch at my favorite sandwich shop in town and that it would be great because I could walk from my house the short two blocks to get that mouth watering piece of artwork and better yet it was 11:45.

Now by this point many locals are calling out the shop of their preference and people less familiar with the traditional American fare; the question rises, why does 11:45 make a difference? Allow me to elaborate. First off locals, my personal preference continues to be Gus’s Grocery and Deli. It’s where we went for sandwiches before football games, it’s where I ate when I was in college (ironically the same house I live in now) and the same place where I have gone to many important business lunches. Needless to say it has nostalgic value but that is just the icing on the cake for me. The real substance of why I obsess over Gus’s is the quality of ingredients and the freshness of the food all paired with the atmosphere. It’s a true sandwich deli and corner grocery complete with beer, wine, chips, salad bar, large patio seating area and the employees are always hustling to crank out delicious creations which leads me to the issue of time.

Gus’s aficionados will have already understood my point about the time but for newbies to the world of Gus’s you are probably dying to know what gives with 11:45? At noon the place becomes packed and I mean paaaacked. Any time I go there at noon I ask myself what I was thinking to come at that time. There is a long line of eager to eat locals, students and tourists all waiting patiently to get their name called to get those pieces of bread and fixings. Now don’t get me wrong, the wait isn’t too bad and if it was twice as long I would still wait because the sandwiches are that good and the patio is the perfect spot to sit out in 75 degree sunshine and enjoy lunch with other lunchgoers but sometimes you forget and have to say to yourself, “Well… I should have guessed it would be packed. If it wasn’t packed the sandwich wouldn’t be so good!”

So there you have it folks, the second reason that I love living in SLO is Gus’s Grocery and Deli on the corner of Santa Barbara Street and Leff Street.


TIP: If you are going to Gus’s on the weekend, grab a beer and a sando with some friends and kick back and enjoy the people watching.

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