Setting City Budget Goals

Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of representing the SLO Downtown Association as the board chair to petition our City Council for allocation of resources to help our cause at a public outreach forum. Our organization was among many different organizations in the community that were there to give input as to how they wanted to see the budget reflected to support causes that are important to our community, there were 8 different organizations by my count. The goal was clearly to hear the public and to get a pulse on what the community felt was important to continue the growth and/or sustainability of our community. From the Downtown Association standpoint this was a great opportunity to thank our City Council and Staff for having been such a great help with all of our causes in the past decades and to come to them with more ideas to improve our community. Issues that I addressed were transient disruptions in our retail core of the Downtown and differentiating that between homelessness. While our organization supports homeless services and has taken a very strong position to continue to help our homeless population in whatever capacity we can, we stand against allowing transient delinquents to commit crimes and harassing our patrons to one of the City’s strongest revenue generating districts. Well, there is a lot more about what we feel and support but that isn’t the premise of this post. If I got into that I’d be writing all week and you would probably lose interest quite soon. No the point of this is to provide a graphic to show where our community stands on community issues.

I was one of the first speakers to address the Council and Staff and as such, I was able to record notes on each topic brought forth. By my records I have the following graphic which breaks down the topics addressed in one axis and how many times it was mentioned by different speakers. Keep in mind that some people only addressed one cause and others addressed multiple. The same goes for the non-profit representation where some people represented multiple organizations. So what did I take away from the meeting? Good question. I took away that we have a very passionate and involved community. Not only did we have an entire auditorium filled with concerned citizens but they stayed well into the night on a Tuesday night in order to express themselves and to hear what others were concerned about. It’s no wonder why, when you step back and look at this situation, we have the reputation of the “Happiest Town in America”. It’s because people here care about our town and they expend large amounts of time and resources in the spirit of improving our community. I am proud to be a part of this community and to say that selling homes here is a privilege that not all REALTOR®s are afforded. It’s a privilege to work with citizens that take pride in their homes, neighborhoods and greater community as a whole. I thank you all!

Here is the graph, please take from it what you want but understand that it is based on my recollection of the facts and not a statement to be all inclusive or complete. It is based merely on observations at a meeting and jottings on a legal pad and transcribed into Numbers on my iMac.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 10.48.44 AM

Many topics were addressed by concerned citizens of San Luis Obispo pertaining to budget.

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